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Safety Precautions

Our Pilates Reformer Private Classes are one on one. We are following all of the COVID-19 Prevention guidelines for enhanced safety, cleaning and disinfection protocols as of June 4, 2020. In alignment with public health recommendations, we are taking measures to prevent community spread of COVID-19, which includes undertaking enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures as follows:

Increase frequency of cleaning and disinfecting, focusing on equipment, all switches, buttons, handrails, tables, faucets, doorknobs, other shared items with alcohol based spray containing at least 70% alcohol allowing 2 minutes of contact time before wiping, or allow to air dry (without wiping).

Practicing good hand hygiene, washing hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Safety guidelines during cleaning and disinfection include wearing disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting. Gloves discarded after each use. Cleaning hands immediately after gloves are removed. Wearing eye protection.

Required ventilation. We will have all our 8 large surround windows open for maximum air flow upstairs and the sliding glass door and 4 additional windows open downstairs during all sessions.  The fans will not be used during sessions.


Sessions will be one client at a time or 2 clients at a time if they live in the same household.

All Instructors, Therapists and Chiropractor will be wearing PPE including a face mask plus a face shield and gloves during all sessions.

Guidelines for clients:

All people before entering the facility are required to wear a face mask securely covering their nose and mouth.

Prior to services, all are required to have their temperature taken. Any person who has a temperature greater than 99.9 will be asked to reschedule their session.


All are also required to wash their hands with soap for 60 seconds or use hand sanitizer (provided here) before and after their session.

If anyone has been around others that have C-19 or have been around groups of 12 or more or other gatherings will be asked to reschedule their sessions waiting 2 weeks until resuming.

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